Best additional services for GScraper! Prices from $66 for 31 days!

The additional services include Unlimited Proxy Service and Auto Approve List Dnowload Service.

ADDITIONAL Plans and Pricing


  • Avilable only for GScraper PRO users
  • Unlimited fast proxies for 31 days
  • Over 180,000 AA list download
  • Full support via e-mail


Discount from $42 monthly
  • Avilable only for GScraper PRO users
  • Unlimited fast proxies for 93 days
  • Over 1,300,000 AA list download
  • Full support via e-mail

Unlimited Proxy and Auto Approve List instant!

What Makes This Proxy Service Special?

We have over 30 dedicated servers using powerful proxies scanning software to scan proxies from around the world 24-7. We allow to each proxy to be used only once which greatly reduces bans and bad proxies. The proxies are checked and saved in our large database where they wait for a one time job.

No more worrying about proxies… with GScraper virtually unlimited proxies are just a click away! Proxies don’t get banned!Our proxies are 100% Google passed and can be used to harvest with highest speed.

Whats This Powerful Auto Approve List Download Service?

Our server list(more than 40) scrape and POST to find auto approve URL list 7*24. If you additional service not yet expired, you can import backlinks(auto approve list) from our server every day. (reply and trackback, Gscraper supported, the number depends on the remaining days.)

For exmple: you have 100 days additional service, you can download total 100*80=8,000 auto approve list today. Tomorrow you can download 99*80=7,820 auto approve list.

Import:If you not import ,the list will not accumulate to the next day!

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